Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Daily routine for school children of 7th to 9th standard.

To be successful, requires lots of dedication as well as discipline.

Here I am proposing a daily planner, which I used to follow and it has helped many of my students to get in routine and maintain a balance between study and extra curricular activities.

6 am: Get up  :)
6-6:20am: Freshen up and have 1 fruit (preferable apple, as it has complex carbohydrates which will continue to give you energy when you are doing some physical exercise.)
6:20am-7am: Go for a walk/cycling/jogging with parents or some out door sports
7-7:30am:Heavy breakfast (1 BIG glass of milk with paratha/poha/dosa/egg and get ready for school
8am-2pm: School (If you are able to finish your Home work in school, then you will get more time with tab and laptop from 4-5pm )
2:30-3pm: Lunch (At least one of these protein sources is compulsory in your lunch Dal/sprouts/paneer/egg/chicken/fish)
3-4pm: Study (Revise school notes and finish all your homework)
4-5pm: If you are done with Home work and revision, then try to learn computer languages (may be C++ or Python) or make web pages on laptop. Kids find it very interesting. You may play chess, sudoku in this time.
5-6:30pm: Go for OUT DOOR sports and make sure that you must sweat before coming back home. (Now a days many kids dont indulge in any out door/physical activities. It is a must to increase your muscular  strength, overall growth as well as immune system.) I used to play daily 1 hour of rigorous cricket in Air force Station Adampur ground.
6:30-6:45pm: 1 BIG glass of milk and some protein rich snacks
6:45-7:45pm Study without break (Practice Mathematics, take help of your parents)
6:45-7pm:  Small break. Go and fight with with your siblings ;)
8-9pm: Study without break (any subject)
9-9:20pm Dinner (Again 1 glass milk and compulsarily one of these    Dal/sprouts/paneer/egg/chicken/fish)
9:20-10pm Some novel or Encyclopedia or any book of your interest. Make sure that 30 minutes before hitting the bed, you are away from tab/smartphone/TV/laptop.
10am-6pm Sleep ZZzzzzz......

 This is a schedule, which I used to follow, during my 7th to 9th standard. You may change it as per your school timings and other logistics. Its completely the responsibility of parents to impose this habit and they need to adjust their routine in such a manner that this plan can be executed successfully. When I was a student many of my friends,  used to waste lots of time because of lack of planning by their parents.

In case there used to be some movie or match on TV, I was asked to compensate by putting few extra hours on other days. You can make this routine interesting by small amendments. If at all you want to give anything of their interest, then let them earn those things as rewards. May be new dress or chocolates.  At Prime Academy Pune Foundation course, we encourage our students, many of our students/parents are following this regime.